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Leko Fans

LEKO Fans is a comprehensive manufacturer and supplier of industrial fan services. In addition to new centrifugal fans, our offering includes extensive fan spare parts and installation services. We help our customers to ensure the functionality of their processes by offering fan condition monitoring and by creating a reliable fan maintenance plan that we will then carry out in the agreed schedule. Updating the existing hardware base to match new requirements is one of our specialities. Our particular focus area is tailored fan solutions by meeting the customer’s exact specifications. “Tailored fans for the customer’s needs” is our motto.

We also manufacture fans from special steels, such as various Duplex steels.

As a new trade name, Leko Fans is now highlighted in our product offering. Lehtosen Konepaja and our staff specialised in fans do possess extensive experience of fan design, manufacture, maintenance, and customer end-to-end deliveries.

Our clientele comprise the energy industry, pulp and paper industry, chemical industry, metal industry, mining industry, and food industry.

LEKO Fans centrifugal fans:

  • Motor power 30 – 3000 kW                     
  • Volume flow rate 2 – 200 m³/s
  • Maximum pressure increase 35 000 Pa
  • Maximum gas temperature +350 °C

LEKO Fans services:

  • New centrifugal fans
  • Extensive fan spare parts services
  • Installation service
  • Condition monitoring
  • Maintenance plans
  • Inspections