Thank you for meeting us at the Subcontracting Fair

LEKO Group offers its customers a tight network of benefits and comprehensive specialty solutions.

LEKO Group wishes to thank their customers and partners for successful days at the Subcontracting Fair 27.-29.9.2022. The themes of this year’s fair were the attractiveness, needs and makers of industry. The fair remains the most significant industry meeting place in Finland, and that is why all LEKO Group businesses were represented at our stand at A 1002, and all positions were manned for quality encounters in customer meetings. Every company in the group showcased their own activities and the customer benefits that the businesses can offer together. LEKO Group does offer its customers a tight network of benefits and specialty solutions with four partners.

Machine investments a point of interest

The focus in the discussions with customers was in LEKO Group’s latest machine investments and the development of the machinery in general. Both Lehtosen Konepaja and TK-Vilmet have expanded their welding and machining capacity as well as their production facilities over the past year. Building expansions, renovations and new construction are on-going, affecting also logistics and operational reliability. Customer orders consists of increasingly larger pieces and more extensive series. Enhancing production is also significant in developing low-carbon circular economy and digitalisation of industrial processes, which is one of the aims of LEKO Group’s activities.

Significant demand in development of own products

The developing production capacity of the group companies also directly influences the design and sales of industrial fans. At the Subcontracting Fair, machinery modifications and spare part deliveries also raised interest. LEKO Fans, specialising in demanding fan solutions, can offer their customers group benefits in material expenses, flexible production as well as customer deliveries.

The screw conveyors of Siirtoruuvi and LEKO conveyor systems also received deserved attention. At the fair, the company talked about project-specific solutions and implementations in the production of renewable energy, among others. Customers also valued the expertise of Siirtoruuvi and LEKO Fans in industrial projects where there is a need for tailored products of both companies. If needed, the entire LEKO Group participates in planning and manufacturing.

During the fair, customer questions were answered by, from left, Juha Mäkelä (TK-Vilmet), Juha Vallimäki (Lehtosen Konepaja), Jimmy Suominen (LEKO Fans) and Mikko Kauppi (Siirtoruuvi).