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LEKO Fans Oy is a comprehensive producer of heavy industrial fans and fan compressors and their lifecycle services. We have strong traditions in the process industry, such as the paper and pulp industry, the energy and chemical industries, the metal and mining industries, and the construction and food industries. Our personnel, who specialize in demanding industrial projects, have long-term experience in fan design, manufacturing, maintenance, and customer deliveries to end sites. Our service offering includes new fan products, comprehensive spare parts services, modernizations, installation, and condition monitoring, as well as maintenance plans and inspections.

We are applying for technical solution

Sales Engineer

Your task is to manage existing customer relationships and actively acquire new customer relationships in a result-oriented manner. You have a great opportunity to join us in increasing our sales and close cooperation with our technical team ensures the success of your sales work. You can also work remotely.

We offer you:

  • Interesting and varied work with industrial fan services
  • Competent and uncomplicated work community
  • Opportunity to train and develop your skills
  • Salary level depending on your skill level
  • Comprehensive employee benefits, including extensive occupational health care
  • A task with room to grow

We hope from you:

  • Ability to solve customer problems with a positive attitude
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team
  • Appropriate technical or commercial training
  • Good Finnish language skills, fluency in English
  • Travel readiness and driving licence

Interested in the position? Apply today, as the position will be filled as soon as a suitable person is found.
Send your application with your salary request and CV to elise.kantoniemi@evoluo.fi.
For inquiries, please contact Elise Kantoniemi tel. 040 531 6292, Evoluo Oy

Legendary local combat in the Satakunta derby

At Lehtosen Konepaja, Satakunta derby, i.e. Ice hockey champion’s league games between Porin Ässät and Rauman Lukko, are intensively followed. The teams belong to the same group, so they play six matches against each other during the season. Lehtosen Konepaja has many sports enthusiasts who from season to season have encouraged their favourite team, which is alternately Ässät or Lukko. In the history of the league, these two teams have already fought with each other 250 times and the events at the Satakunta derby bring emotions to surface. In the first derbies of the season 21.10.2022 in Pori and 22.10. In Rauma, Lehtosen Konepaja and LEKO Group were involved in supporting Satakunta sports.

At the Peipohja factory, ice hockey is played on own outdoor ice

Sports are actively played at Konepaja. Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports, and not only because there is a suitable outdoor ice next to the factory. It has hosted many games and tournaments played between colleagues, in which the management of the company is equally involved. Erkki Lehtonen is indeed known in hockey circles as an enthusiastic supporter and the LEKO Group has sponsored the sport from juniors to league players.
Sports-minded company wants to be involved in activities that provide experiences and, as a close community, get people in its area moving, from children to adults.

Satakunnan kiekkoheimot – documentary series

Porin Ässät and Rauman Lukko – match always gets a lot of supporters out and about and the support of both home teams is palpable. Traditional clubs have also received their own documentary series, which follows the events of the Finnish champion’s league. The teams from Satakunta will become familiar to the whole of Finland when C More tells about the hockey history and first steps of Lukko and Ässät.


LEKO Group was demonstratively involved in the match when Porin Ässät and Rauman Lukko encountered each other at the Rauma Kivikylä arena on 22.10.2022. Erkki Lehtonen, Managing Director of Lehtosen Konepaja, was also in the grandstand.





TK-Vilmet shifts from oil heating to heat recovery

Technical space of TK-Vilmet’s welding hall’s heat recovery system during the construction phase.

TK-Vilmet has large-scale investment projects in order to increase production capacity and enhance energy management. Recent acquisitions, such as the modern Tos Varnsdorf machine tools and the Hyundai HA006B welding robot station are part of the company’s continuous development. An important step is the abandonment of oil heating, which is part of the sustainable recovery of the economy and a response to the climate crisis and natural degradation. The heating renovation of the welding hall represents new technology and translates to economic savings for the company in addition to environmental impacts.

Machine shop TK-Vilmet is renewing its production environment

With the help of an energy subsidy received for the project, an investment related to energy saving and efficiency was carried out at TK-Vilmet, which promotes the introduction of new technologies. A new solution for the abandonment of oil heating is a waste heat recovery system of the welding hall, a pilot project of which was also carried out in Lehtosen Konepaja, a group company of LEKO Group. Positive experiences gained from the introduction and functioning of the system were transferred to the benefit of TK-Vilmet and the renovation was carried out in record time in approx. four months. In heat recovery of ventilation, the heat energy of the exhaust air is transferred back to the supply air and to the heating system of the property. This improves the energy efficiency of the building and reduces heat loss caused by ventilation.

Minimal energy expenses and good air quality

According to the experience gained, heat recovery saves up to 70% of energy and the consumption of heating energy is reduced by 30-40%. In addition to the minimum energy expenses, the air quality remains extremely good, as can be seen at Lehtosen Konepaja. In practice, the benefits are also noticed in the fact that during the winter, the heat does not escape from the property and during the summer, the ventilation is sufficient. There were two ventilators installed in the welding hall of TK-Vilmet and when the system was fully operational, it already paid itself back within two months. Plumbing and equipment installation in the welding hall did not hinder production, but it continued without interruption during evening hours and weekends. The decommissioned above-ground oil tank was delivered empty for metal recycling.

New energy-efficient technology takes care of heating instead of oil heating.
An example of TK-Vilmet’s heat recovery project was the corresponding renewal of Lehtosen Konepaja, which saves up to 70% of energy.

Savings and system benefits are verified from the energy meter data.

Heat recovery fluid from the heat recovery unit passes along the heat recovery line to the technical space.


Thank you for meeting us at the Subcontracting Fair

LEKO Group offers its customers a tight network of benefits and comprehensive specialty solutions.

LEKO Group wishes to thank their customers and partners for successful days at the Subcontracting Fair 27.-29.9.2022. The themes of this year’s fair were the attractiveness, needs and makers of industry. The fair remains the most significant industry meeting place in Finland, and that is why all LEKO Group businesses were represented at our stand at A 1002, and all positions were manned for quality encounters in customer meetings. Every company in the group showcased their own activities and the customer benefits that the businesses can offer together. LEKO Group does offer its customers a tight network of benefits and specialty solutions with four partners.

Machine investments a point of interest

The focus in the discussions with customers was in LEKO Group’s latest machine investments and the development of the machinery in general. Both Lehtosen Konepaja and TK-Vilmet have expanded their welding and machining capacity as well as their production facilities over the past year. Building expansions, renovations and new construction are on-going, affecting also logistics and operational reliability. Customer orders consists of increasingly larger pieces and more extensive series. Enhancing production is also significant in developing low-carbon circular economy and digitalisation of industrial processes, which is one of the aims of LEKO Group’s activities.

Significant demand in development of own products

The developing production capacity of the group companies also directly influences the design and sales of industrial fans. At the Subcontracting Fair, machinery modifications and spare part deliveries also raised interest. LEKO Fans, specialising in demanding fan solutions, can offer their customers group benefits in material expenses, flexible production as well as customer deliveries.

The screw conveyors of Siirtoruuvi and LEKO conveyor systems also received deserved attention. At the fair, the company talked about project-specific solutions and implementations in the production of renewable energy, among others. Customers also valued the expertise of Siirtoruuvi and LEKO Fans in industrial projects where there is a need for tailored products of both companies. If needed, the entire LEKO Group participates in planning and manufacturing.

During the fair, customer questions were answered by, from left, Juha Mäkelä (TK-Vilmet), Juha Vallimäki (Lehtosen Konepaja), Jimmy Suominen (LEKO Fans) and Mikko Kauppi (Siirtoruuvi).



Thank you for visiting PulPaper between June 7–9, 2022

PulPaper 2022, the leading international event for the forest industry at Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre was a long-awaited opportunity to meet our customers and partners. Of the companies in the LEKO Group, out joint stands showcased LEKO Fans Oy and Siirtoruuvi Oy that provide their design and manufacturing expertise and customer-tailored products for the needs of, among others, the forest industry. New forms of energy, developing industries, and climate change increase demand for industrial fans from LEKO Fans, screw conveyors by Siirtoruuvi, and LEKO conveyor solutions in several industrial sectors. The companies offer their products also as joint projects for both new manufacture and renovation targets.

Customer feedback tells us that the event was highly successful. We created new contacts, strengthened old customerships, and are happy to say that LEKO Group’s service-oriented concept impressed many international companies as well.
Companies that operate within the same group support one another and yield many benefits to customers in areas such as product design, cost-effectiveness, and production and quality control. LEKO Fans Oy and Siirtoruuvi Oy differ from the other operators in the field by not only providing engineering design but also delivering comprehensive manufacture. The LEKO Group companies in the heavy and medium-heavy mechanical engineering industry include Lehtosen Konepaja Oy and TK-Vilmet Oy.






The Strongest in Finland - Platinum - Lehtosen Konepaja - 2019-2022

Lehtosen Konepaja Oy to receive the Platinum-level Strongest in Finland certificate

In the Suomen Asiakastieto Oy credit rating system, Lehtosen Konepaja Oy has been among the Strongest in Finland Platinum® companies between 2019–2022. For this certificate, we wish to thank Suomen Asiakastieto, our customers, our partners, and in particular our knowledgeable staff who has enabled us to achieve this success. In 2023 we will celebrate the 100 years of history for Lehtosen Konepaja and proudly continue the traditions of Finnish labour.

”The certificate is a sign of a company’s positive financial figures, creditworthiness, background information, and good payment behaviour. The Strongest in Finland certificate tells the customers, partners, credit granters,
and other stakeholders that cooperation with the company rests on a solid foundation.”

The Strongest in Finland Platinum certificate is given to a company with the highest Rating Alfa credit rating for a minimum of three consecutive years. This certificate is granted by Suomen Asiakastieto Oy.



The strongest in Finland - Platinum - Lehtosen Konepaja - 2019 - 2022



TK-Vilmet increases rate of machinery capacity

TK-Vilmet continues making new investments, and as production increases, the latest acquisition in the subcontracting machine shop – Tos Varnsdorf WHN 130 Q – adds to the capacity of the comparable machine purchased in 2020. Both machines are tailored to match the workshop’s requirements, and compared to the previous one, the new machine’s Y-axis motion has been increased from 2000 to 2500. The Czech TOS Varnsdorf a.s. is a manufacturer of metal machining equipment with long-standing traditions and modern, CNC controlled, and reliable machinery. As we are already familiar with TOS broaching machines and our staff has received extra training for their use, commissioning the new machine went smoothly and the whole production capacity was quickly up and running at the workshop.

The subcontracting machine shop TK-Vilmet is part of the LEKO Group. In addition to joint administration, we have synergy gains from the large-scale machine workshop of an internationally developing group and a service concept for the metal industry. These enable TK-Vilmet to offer their customers bigger and more demanding wholes.

Basics of the new machine:
Tos Varnsdorf WHN 130 Q
Control: Heidenhain TNC 640
Spindle : Ø 130 mm, 3000rpm, 41 kW, cooling through 40 bar, 60 slot automatic tool changer
Range: X=3000, Y=2500, Z=1250, W-800
Carousel table: 1400 x 1600mm, 8000 kg




More technological expertise and resources for welding

Lehtosen Konepaja is again investing in the productivity of welding technology and is determined to invest in its machine base.
In heavy machinery manufacturing, highly automated solutions and welding robots increase the technological expertise required for demanding customer work.
For example, machine frame manufacturing typically consists of parts manufacturing, welding, heat treatment, machining and surface treatment.
In particular, our welding and surface treatment departments are top-notch and the main objective is still to increase the welding power and productivity. Our new acquisition is a submerged arc welding tower ESAB CaB 460 M, 7×5 M.

Submerged arc welding tower ESAB CaB 460 M, 7×5 M

The submerged arc welding tower ESAB CaB 460 M, 7×5 M multiplies production power, speeds up welding and improves the lead time of production. The submerged arc welding tower increases productivity, e.g. compared to automatic welding even five times, not to mention manual welding. Robot welding provides uniform and good quality quickly and cost-effectively. Especially for thicker materials, productivity. Submerged arc welding also has a significant safety and environmental aspect, as it does not emit heat, light or welding fumes.

Benefits of submerged arc welding:
• Speed and cost-effectiveness
• Suitable for large material thicknesses
• Suitable for handling large pieces
• Ensures consistent and good quality
• Best welding process for the working environment
• Relieves the employee from manual, physical welding





LEKO Group - PulPaper 7.-9.6.2022 messuilla

See you at PulPaper Fair at stand 6p2

LEKO Group participates in PulPaper2022, Helsinki 7.-9.6.2022. In particular, the theme at the trade fair is our own product manufacturing, i.e. Siirtoruuvi Oy’s conveyors and LEKO Fans Oy’s industrial fans. At the department, you also have the opportunity to discuss the needs of the heavy and medium heavy metal industry with Lehtosen Konepaja and TK-Vilmet experts.

Siirtoruuvi products include conveyor process solutions, standard and customized screw conveyors,
complete conveyor screw pumps, conveyor screws, vertical screws, dilution screws, coils, screw bases and tearing screws.

LEKO Fans is an expert in industrial fan services that manufactures centrifugal fans for various industrial sectors. Our experts help customers ensure that their processes work by also providing fan condition monitoring and maintenance.

The companies of the manufacturing metal industry of the LEKO Group are TK-Vilmet and Lehtosen Konepaja.
TK-Vilmet is a subcontracting machine shop that manufactures machine and equipment structures and components according to customer needs as ready-to-install products or assemblies.
Lehtosen Konepaja is a system supplier, producing the customer’s individual products as ready-to-use product and machine.
The areas of production include system deliveries, manufacture of machine bodies and demanding machinable parts.

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LEKO Fans Oy is responsible for the process fan business


The name of the company founded on 1 January 2021 is LEKO Fans Oy and it is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lehtosen Konepaja. In the future, the LEKO Group will consist of four companies: Lehtosen Konepaja Oy, LEKO Fans Oy, TK-Vilmet Oy and Siirtoruuvi Oy. The Group’s strength is to provide customers with total solutions, expert service in specialized areas and competitive machine shop technology.

Industrial fan services expert LEKO Fans Oy

LEKO Fans Oy offers expertise and fan solutions for industrial applications in various industries, such as the energy, steel, pulp and paper industries, the chemical industry, the mining industry and the food industry. The personnel have very long experience in the design, manufacture, maintenance and customer delivery of industrial fans and fan compressors to final destinations, as well as an understanding of the mechanical and aerodynamic performance requirements of radial fan compressors. The choice of product materials ranges from traditional steels to challenging environments that require superduplex steels as the material. “Special is our Standard” describes LEKO Fans sales arguments well.

LEKO Fans Oy product lines

Our operations can be divided into five different product lines, the first of which is projects. In projects, the fan delivery package typically includes drives connected to the fan (motor and frequency converter) as well as auxiliary equipment and possibly spare parts.

The second is renewals, i.e. fan delivery, which replaces the customer’s old complete fan with a new one. The delivery may include drives to be connected to the fan (motor and frequency converter) as well as auxiliary equipment and possibly spare parts.

Modernization means that the customer’s old fan rotor is equipped with a new LEKO Fans rotor package (impeller + bearing housing), which typically achieves better performance values without replacing the entire fan. Modernization typically includes drives to be connected to the fan (motor and frequency converter) as well as auxiliary equipment and possibly spare parts.

Expert aftermarket services provide important added value for our customer. In addition to LEKO Fans Oy’s fans, the spare parts service and spare parts deliveries cover all brands. Maintenance / technical services include e.g. fan maintenance / repair work, equipment and condition evaluations, performance measurements and problem solutions for all brands.

Professional Fans team at your service

With the help of our efficient international cooperation network, our products are delivered to all continents from America to China. According to our product line, our services include design and manufacture, new and modernized fans, assembly, maintenance and service plans, inspections and a comprehensive spare parts service.

Peter Lönnqvist, tel. +358 40 168 4824
Jimmy Suominen, tel. +358 40 484 1106

The email addresses of our sales team are in the format firstname.lastname@lekogroup.fi

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