95 years of machining – Lehtosen Konepaja celebrates its anniversary

This year marks a special anniversary for Lehtosen Konepaja as it is 95 years since Arvo Lehtonen started his small machine shop in the town of Merikarvia. Over the decades, the small machine shop has grown to become a successful subcontract engineering business.

Lehtosen Konepaja builds on its long-standing history, and while the business has expanded, evolved and diversified, it still today operates under the same mission: to provide high-quality machining services in a purposeful, customer-driven manner. This principle has carried the company to where it is now, and will continue to drive our success going forward.

For us, other pillars of success include sustained development, stability and motivated people. The combination of highly skilled staff, fair management and cutting-edge machinery allows us to operate efficiently and flexibly, to the benefit of our customers.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the employees, customers and partners who have been part of this journey. We would also like to extend thanks to Merikarvia and Kokemäki, the two towns where we are based in. Let’s make sure the success story continues for many years to come!