A new 8x8x4m preheating furnace from HeatMasters to be added to equipment stoc

Lehtosen Konepaja’s welding and machining operations are backed by the workshop’s lineup of preheating furnaces, the newest of which is a gas-operated bell furnace by HeatMasters, designed for handling large pieces. The large furnace operates on gas, which is an economical and energy-efficient solution. Collecting waste heat also affects the workshop’s energy consumption and heating.

The location near the workshop’s new extension hall, environmental conditions and the size of the heated pieces were taken into consideration when choosing the furnace. The preheating furnace is located outside, saving space inside the hall while being logistically close by. This new acquisition complements the resources of other HeatMasters electric furnaces. It was tailor-made to fit Lehtosen Konepaja’s and the entire LEKO Group’s needs. Measuring 8x8x4 meters, the furnace can heat-treat large welded objects. The preheating furnace contributes to ensuring that work and production progress smoothly.

Heat treatment of metal refers to a process in which a metal object’s temperature is increased to achieve desired properties. Metal does not melt during heat treatment, but it has an effect on an object’s hardness, durability, viscosity and wear resistance. The effects of heat treatment can be applied to an entire object, or only its surface or a specific part. Metal structures can have harmful tensions, for example as a result of welding. Stress relieving is performed at a temperature that is lower than the metal’s annealing temperature. The procedure relieves tension from the metal before it is worked on.