Eco-actions at LEKO Group

Lehtosen Konepaja is strongly involved in promoting energy efficiency and implementing a national energy and climate strategy. Finland aims to be a carbon neutral country by 2035. CEO Erkki Lehtonen is driving the Lehtosen Konepaja and the entire LEKO Group toward this goal, and he believes that this can be achieved. “New habits, artificial intelligence and energy-saving devices can have a significant impact on the energy consumption of both industry and households. Investment such as utilizing waste heat and developing new energy forms will save a vast amount of electricity in the future”, Erkki Lehtonen assures. One example of the company’s involvement in the joint effort to fight climate change is that the welding in the workshop is largely done by solar power and district heating.

Energy efficiency – a strong competitive edge

At Lehtosen Konepaja cleanliness and organization is important. Recycling is part of every day business and new staff is guided through the waste sorting routines already in the job orientation phase. Organization extends to the use and storage of individual tools and equipment. “At the workshop, we have measured our own performance and systematically sought to address deficiencies. Energy saving and the circular economy are an integral part of the company’s environmental strategy. By working more efficiently, improving our working conditions and investing in logistics and public order, we work in an economically advantageous way”, Erkki Lehtonen says. A huge amount of electricity and heat has been saved through investments and modern technology. Energy savings have also resulted in economic savings, which is a competitive advantage in the technology industry.