Reinforcing workpiece handling and welding automation

”We manufacture heavy workpieces, the handling and welding of which takes a significant number of hours. We invest in welding automation so that we could further develop the quality and efficiency of our production process,” says Erkki Lehtonen, CEO of Lehtosen Konepaja. “By developing our operations and utilizing the latest technology to improve our readiness, we as a modern metal industry factory are responding to the challenges of the future.”

The latest LEKO Group investments are a heavy-weight PEMA APS 35000 handling table with 35 000 kg support capacity and a PEMA HD 7×5 welding tower for welding heavy and thick materials, to be delivered to Lehtosen Konepaja at Kokemäki. The size of the manufactured units and machine bodies is constantly increasing, and by investing in welding automation LEKO Group can answer the clients’ demands of high welding quality and production reliability.

The PEMA APS Skymaster APS handling table is an excellent solution for lifting, turning and tilting heavy and complicated workpieces. The height, angle and rotation speed of the workpiece are fully adjustable, which should be taken into account with respect to work ergonomy. This latest purchase, in addition to the two previous modern PEMA robot welding stations among others, complements LEKO Group’s capacity as a contract manufacturer of heavy and medium machine construction.