Legendary local combat in the Satakunta derby

At Lehtosen Konepaja, Satakunta derby, i.e. Ice hockey champion’s league games between Porin Ässät and Rauman Lukko, are intensively followed. The teams belong to the same group, so they play six matches against each other during the season. Lehtosen Konepaja has many sports enthusiasts who from season to season have encouraged their favourite team, which is alternately Ässät or Lukko. In the history of the league, these two teams have already fought with each other 250 times and the events at the Satakunta derby bring emotions to surface. In the first derbies of the season 21.10.2022 in Pori and 22.10. In Rauma, Lehtosen Konepaja and LEKO Group were involved in supporting Satakunta sports.

At the Peipohja factory, ice hockey is played on own outdoor ice

Sports are actively played at Konepaja. Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports, and not only because there is a suitable outdoor ice next to the factory. It has hosted many games and tournaments played between colleagues, in which the management of the company is equally involved. Erkki Lehtonen is indeed known in hockey circles as an enthusiastic supporter and the LEKO Group has sponsored the sport from juniors to league players.
Sports-minded company wants to be involved in activities that provide experiences and, as a close community, get people in its area moving, from children to adults.

Satakunnan kiekkoheimot – documentary series

Porin Ässät and Rauman Lukko – match always gets a lot of supporters out and about and the support of both home teams is palpable. Traditional clubs have also received their own documentary series, which follows the events of the Finnish champion’s league. The teams from Satakunta will become familiar to the whole of Finland when C More tells about the hockey history and first steps of Lukko and Ässät.


LEKO Group was demonstratively involved in the match when Porin Ässät and Rauman Lukko encountered each other at the Rauma Kivikylä arena on 22.10.2022. Erkki Lehtonen, Managing Director of Lehtosen Konepaja, was also in the grandstand.