Business areas

business areas

LEKO Group Ltd is a cost-competitive partner for the metal and engineering industries in various business areas. Our major strengths are comprehensive networking, specialisation, up-to-date production and machining resources, as well as the capability to manufacture individual pieces and carry out large projects. Cooperation between Leko Group Ltd companies makes it possible to maximise competitiveness and efficiently handle materials and ensure uninterrupted production processes and raw material flow all the way from preliminary planning to after-sales services. We offer high-quality and reliable deliveries to meet the demands and standards of various industries, such as the mining, energy and offshore industries. We also make use of special steels, state-of-the-art technology and automation in our operations.


Vital conditions for food industry include cost-efficient production lines, unbroken chains of production, and production areas and machinery which meet hygiene standards.

The popularity of stainless steel in the food industry is based on durability, easy cleaning, low service costs, and complete recyclability. Other materials, such as various plastic mixtures, are also commonly used in food industry applications.
Siirtoruuvi Ltd delivers various lines complexes designed in compliance with food industry criteria from beginning to end. Konepaja also delivers products, such as various machine components to the industrial sector.


The energy industry is a dynamic sector of industry that requires innovative solutions. This sector calls for advanced cost- and energy-efficient options. Another important criterion is friendliness to the environment, because consideration for the environment is part of corporate principles of operation in today’s energy industry.

Lehtosen Konepaja has extensive experience in both the Finnish and the international energy industry. Our customers are providers of traditional energy applications and companies that work with renewable energy sources.

Shipbuilding industry

Finland has a long history in the manufacture of cruise ships, specialised vessels, car ferries and icebreakers. It is more common to talk of the maritime industry rather than the shipbuilding industry, which is an indication that shipbuilding has changed from being a process confined to large shipyards to being a networked business that relies on a large number of subcontractors and overall suppliers. Among the products manufactured by Siirtoruuvi Ltd products are conveyor lines for transferring unloaded bulk cargo further from the dock.


Efficient mining operations require continuous investments in equipment capacity. Mining operations place tough demands on the equipment: large masses are involved, the materials processed call for excellent durability, and functionality must be guaranteed even in difficult locations. New machinery and spare parts must be available with short delivery times, when necessary.

Lehtosen Konepaja has successfully worked with various mining-industry companies for years and knows exactly what the sector needs from engineering workshops.


Civil engineering infrastructure includes traffic networks, energy supply networks, waste management, water resources management, and communications networks. Infrastructure also covers buildings, ports, airports and current electronic software and services, as well as the networks they form.
This quite extensive industry has a direct influence on the functionality of society on the whole. Any weakness in one sub-area affects the whole chain, so precision, accuracy, and modern expertise are required from subcontractors and other operators.
As part of the Lehtosen Konepaja group, Siirtoruuvi Oy is an expert with built infrastructure and serves sewage treatment plants, for example.


On the seas, durability and safety are key; in such extreme conditions, the products must last even decades, so quality and dependability are the most important criteria when one is choosing subcontractors. When one is at sea, speed, durability, and load-bearing capacity are crucial, and obtaining them requires advanced solutions and products that employ state-of-the-art technology.

Lehtosen Konepaja has worked in the marine industry from the company’s earliest days. We provide our customers with top-notch expertise and have extensive experience with industry requirements. We supply the sector with, for example, axles, components, gearboxes, and flanges of many types.

Circular economy

The goal of circular economics is to maximise the circulation of products, components and materials and their value for as long as possible. Waste is minimised if products and services are designed to be reusable, recyclable or useable for manufacturing of other products. Siirtoruuvi Ltd and installs conveyors and funnels for bulk transport to support processes related to circular economics. Siirtoruuvi’s transport solutions are available for the benefit of biowaste processing plants, other waste processing plants and the chemicals industry, for example.


The chemical industry is a broad sector of industry that produces both raw materials for other industrial operations and finished end products.

In general terms, the core operations of the chemical industry are associated with the forest industry, agriculture, construction, the electronics industry, food supply, and environment-related products. A relatively new core area is biotechnology.

The chemical industry requires precise and well-tailored solutions for products whose materials have often been specified to meet even the highest standards. Lehtonen always provides customer-specific services and strives with its products to maximise the customer’s production capacity.


Offshore is a growing industry which brings with it stricter quality requirements, competition, and increasingly customised product solutions. Offshore projects are usually demanding and unique projects whose planning and implementation must be carried out with special care. Restricted maintenance possibilities at sea and demanding weather conditions such as extremely cold temperatures make the projects even more challenging. In practice, experience, a good knowledge of materials, and professional product design are all fundamental necessities.

In Finland, the offshore industry has seized a significant share of the national economy: the value of exports was about EUR 1.6bn in 2013. Our strong offshore companies include Wärtsilä, Kongsberg Maritime Finland Oy, ABB Oy, and Steerprop, who all specialise in propulsion and engine technologies.


The process-industry sector’s products are an important part of our day-to-day life and well-being. Process-industry products include, for example, fuels, cosmetics, paper and cardboard, packages, sawmill products, pharmaceuticals, and various building materials and plastics.

As far as everyday objects and materials are concerned, productivity and cost-efficiency are vital. The related criteria are all the more important with respect to process-industry subcontractors. Lehtonen responds to the challenges of the process industry with durable materials, a methodical approach, and logistics-focused models of operation.


The paper and pulp industry is one of the largest export fields in Finland with export revenues of EUR 8.2bn (2013). As the use of paper decreases, people continuously create new innovative ways to use pulp. Both existing and any new future manufacturing processes require modern technology. Processes in the paper industry, in particular, are highly automated and a large part of duties consist of various monitoring tasks. In order to minimise risks and production downtime, the correct subcontractors and reliable machine tools play key roles.

One of Lehtosen Konepaja’s largest customers is Valmet Flow Control Oy, a company which specialises in technology solutions for the pulp and paper industry, among others.


Lehtonen is a subcontractor and contract manufacturer for several important international export companies in the metal and technology industries.

We manufacture products on the basis of customer drawings via both component manufacture and complete subcontracting, and also in stage-based subcontracting whereby we machine the customer’s own semi-finished products.

Our metal-sector customers demand from us high quality of work, cost-efficiency, and practicality. Often the products also have to look elegant. Lehtonen’s solution lies in expert and precise staff who can fulfil all requirements related to both appearance and functionality. We have a modern machine stock and enough capacity to manufacture even very large pieces.