Component manufacturing and machine bodies

Leko-Group-Sub-assemblies and partial manufacture - Metal industrySub-assemblies and partial manufacture

Manufacture of parts and subassemblies from either the customer’s materials or machine workshop materials. The content of the work and the degree of completion are agreed with the customer case by case, and at best the delivery can be practically a turnkey delivery. We manufacture individual products and small series as well as larger items. We also carry out phased subcontracting for machining of customer blanks.

LEKO Group invests resources with a clear focus on machining capacity and comprehensive know-how. We can guarantee our customers the best possible engineering expertise and first-class workmanship.

Frame manufacturing of machinery

Manufacturing of the frame of the machine typically consists of sub-manufacturing, welding, heat treatment, machining and surface treatment.

All the work phases are carried out in modern workshops using the latest tools. Each area has its own set of top-class professionals, but our welding and finishing department is especially notable. As a guarantee of quality, we have been granted the SFS-EN ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification and the SFS-EN ISO 3834-2 quality system certification.