Designing and consulting

Engineering expertise and consulting services

Rarely does a customer have ready-made drawings or plans for us to work with. It is part of our job to create them based on our own expertise. In other words, we don’t just do the work we are given–we are also responsible for the functionality of the final product. Understanding the customer’s processes and value chain are the cornerstones of effective design. The end result of thorough background work and manufacturing is a highly functional and reliable product that is ideally suited to the customer’s processes.

Our experts lengthy experience in designing, constructing and manufacturing will be a valuable help to you in developing your manufacturing processes, designing new products and system applications, as well as in project management and turnkey system deliveries. Our engineering design is customer-oriented, modern and inventive. Every product we design is carefully tailored to the intended purpose and aimed at maximum durability and functionality.

Product design

LEKO Group’s own products include: various types of screw conveyors, industrial fans and conveyors for ports and industry. Our design process is based on a high standard of know-how and on dialogue with the customer.

We study each customer’s material flows and their overall processes. We evaluate different methods of implementation and create a project plan based on our extensive expertise.

The 3D technology we use enables various simulations in order to arrive at the best possible solution. We draw on standardised basic solutions, modularity and automation to help speed up lead times, reduce delivery times, and improve cost-efficiency.