Full service subcontracting

System deliveries and assembly

System delivery is an easy and reliable way for customers to organise the manufacture of their products. Our system deliveries include a range of high-quality prefabricated components as well as pre-assembled modules and sub-assemblies. 

LEKO Group specialises in overall subcontracting. We act as a system supplier, producing customised products for the customer as finished machines and other products. We manufacture parts and carry out procurement, assembly, electrification and product testing. We operate globally as a certified subcontractor for two of our customers, Kongsberg Maritime Finland Oy and Siemens Energy AB.

If necessary, system deliveries can also include purchasing logistics and delivery logistics. We are responsible for purchasing components and delivering them directly to the customer, and we can also store the customer’s products for later delivery to them. Our lengthy experience with demanding configurations and modern production and processing facilities enables us to cost-effectively manufacture large-scale systems and large production volumes.

Sub-assembly and complete device assemblies

We can implement demanding configurations for our customers. The configurations consist of components of our own manufacturing program as well as standard components. Thanks to our flexible working methods, we can manufacture series of many different sizes from sub-assembly to the finished product. 

Leko Group has a wide-ranging supply and manufacturing chain

Leko Group’s major strength in overall subcontracting is versatility. As a provider of turnkey solutions we can deliver large projects, as our six service segments support each other. Together they form a manufacturing chain that reduces the need for customers to rely on multiple subcontractors. Being able to obtain everything needed from the same supplier is always a safer, faster and more sustainable solution for customers than relying on a fragmented system of multiple operators.

Our project management network enables our customers to gain the full benefit of the expertise of Leko Group as a whole through their designated contact person. Our efficient and flexible production processes ensure a competitive solution for the customer. Our own sub-manufacturing operations, design expertise and efficient production processes ensure a highly successful outcome for the customer.