Ensuring quality


Our machine stock is very extensive and capable. We constantly develope our machinery to ensure high capacity. Machining upto 50 t pieces.

Wide operation range

business areas

LEKO Group Ltd is a cost-effective partner for the special needs of metal and machining industries in different business areas.

LEKO Group Ltd

Lehtosen Konepaja Ltd
Vilmet Ltd
LEKO Fans Ltd
Siirtoruuvi Ltd

The LEKO Group Ltd consists of a heavy manufacture machine workshop, an expert in industrial design services, and groups that produce their own products. Among our own products are screw conveyors, various other conveyors and total conveyor systems, and industrial fan solutions.

Shared ownership base, joint administration, and shared business operation areas unite the strong group focusing on large-scale industrial solutions. The LEKO Group Ltd has long traditions in managing demanding customer projects at sea, in docks, in fertilising industry, fossil and renewable energy production, and in industrial construction and manufacture.


We can proudly say that we have been able to hire motivated, skilful, and trustworthy employees, but we still always have room for energetic individuals.


True long-term co-operation is created by keeping promises and through uncompromising quality of the products. We also look after one another’s well-being and safety.