Lehtosen Konepaja

Machining from 1923

Lehtosen Konepaja – Heavy machine shop


Lehtosen Konepaja Ltd is a mechanical engineering company that began operation in 1923 and specialises in the heavy metal industry. The engineering company, located at Peipohja in Kokemäki, employs approx. 140 professionals.

Comprehensive and international subcontracting

The range of production areas includes system deliveries, body manufacture, and the production of complex machined components. Lehtosen Konepaja’s area of special expertise is comprehensive subcontracting. We are a systems provider and manufacture customers’ semi-finished products into finished products and machines.

More than 90 per cent of our products are exported around the world through Finnish clients. Our biggest customers are large export companies in the technology industry, such as Kongsberg Maritime Finland Oy, Valmet Flow Control Oy, Steerprop, ABB Oy, Upcast Oy, The Switch Drive Systems Oy and Siemens Energy AB.

Lehtosen Konepaja is the founder of LEKO Group. In 2012, the company was joined by Siirtoruuvi Ltd, in 2017 Vilmet Ltd and LEKO Fans Ltd in 2021.

Our history – everything started from a small machine shop

Lehtosen Konepaja was established in the seaside town of Merikarvia in 1923, when Arvo Lehtonen started a small machine shop. When World War II ended, several coincidences caused Arvo to end up in Kokemäki with his engineering workshop.

The mechanical engineering division began its operations in its current location in 1947 with only two employees. Since 1997, the engineering workshop has operated as a limited company. The managing director is now Mikko Lehtonen, and the workshop employs 140 professional workers



The LEKO Group has long traditions in managing demanding customer projects at sea, in docks, in fertilising industry, fossil and renewable energy production, and in industrial construction and manufacture.

Machine stock

LEKO Group has an very extensive and capable machine stock, which enables versatile deliveries and quality products. We constantly develope our machinery to ensure high capacity.