LEKO Group

LEKO Group

The LEKO Group consists of a heavy manufacture machine workshop, an expert in industrial design services, and groups that produce their own products. Among our own products are screw conveyors, various other conveyors and total conveyor systems, and industrial fan solutions.

Six service areas specialized in challenging industrial solutions

Shared ownership base, joint administration, and shared business operation areas unite the strong group focusing on large-scale industrial solutions. LEKO Group companies work in a strong synergy among each other and our areas of expertise support one another. Together we are able to execute even challenging and complex projects.

Quality to sea, ports and industrial construction

The LEKO Group has long traditions in managing demanding customer projects at sea, in docks, in fertilising industry, fossil and renewable energy production, and in industrial construction and manufacture.

We are known for our quality, collaboration that stands the test of time, and an uncompromising desire to improve. We are a popular employer, a reliable partner, and a financially sound enterprise. We respect nature and cherish safety. Our operations are characterised by integrity, openness, and the rules of fair play. We are an active force and pillar of support in matters related to society at large.