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Siirtoruuvi– Screw conveyors and transfer solutions

Siirtoruuvi Oy

Since 1977 Siirtoruuvi Ltd has manufactured various types of LEKO screw conveyors. We sell, design, manufacture screw convoyers for different industries and purposes.

Broad assortment of screw conveyors

Since 1977 Siirtoruuvi Ltd has manufactured various types of screw conveyors. We sell, design, manufacture screw conveyors for different industries and purposes. We have supplied several types of screw conveyor applications World Wide during the company history.

We are concentrated in LEKO conveyors business and that we do well – we know our business! Huge number of different projects, representing various industries and many customers have gained us experience, and more we learn constantly.

Key characteristics of screw conveyors for procurement

Screw conveyor is an optimal choice when an industrial process requires material to be refined, protected or isolated while being moved from one place to another.

The key benefits of a screw conveyor as compared with other types of conveyors are are versatility, robustness and durability. Quality screw conveyors generally require less maintenance and cause fewer interruptions than other conveyor types and they have a long lifecycle.

Our products include belt conveyors, chain conveyors, elevators, receiving bins, funnels, screens, silos, ship loading and unloading equipment, ramps, supporting structures, and light and heavy service bridges.

We mainly deliver total conveyor process solutions, but single conveyor deliveries are also a part of our service for factory modernization.

Some of our typical targets include sawmills, fertilizer factories, docks, mines, pulp and paper facilities, and bio energy plants.

Siirtoruuvi – LEKO Conveyor Solutions
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Our typical applications to our customers:

  • Screw conveyors
  • Screw Pumps
  • Conveyor Screws
  • Vertical Screws
  • Dilution screw
  • IUDs
  • Screw Templates
  • Tore screws
  • Replacement screws for your own projects and other manufacturers’ supplies




The LEKO Group has long traditions in managing demanding customer projects at sea, in docks, in fertilising industry, fossil and renewable energy production, and in industrial construction and manufacture.


LEKO Group has an very extensive and capable machine stock, which enables versatile deliveries and quality products. We constantly develope our machinery to ensure high capacity.