Own product manufacturing

Leko’s own product manufacturing

In addition to customer products, we also manufacture products for our own production program, such as various machined parts, industrial fans, screw conveyors, conveyor screws, screw pumps and various conveyor solutions for ports, mines, sawmills and other purposes.

Leko fans and industrial fans

As separate production lines, LEKO Fans manufactures centrifugal fans for various industries as well as fans made from special materials, such as Duplex steels.


Siirtoruuvi’s conveyor screws

Our screw conveyor product range includes both standard and customer-tailored screw conveyors, screw pumps, conveyor screws, vertical screws, dilution screws, helical screws and tearing screws. You can read more Siirtoruuvi’s products and services from Siirtoruuvi’s website.


LEKO Conveyor Solutions

LEKO Conveyor Solutions products include belt conveyors, drag conveyors, elevators, receiving pockets, funnels, sieves, silos, ship loaders, ramps, supporting structures and heavy and light walkways. As a rule, we deliver complete conveyor process solutions, but we can also deliver individual conveyors as part of factory modernization projects.