More technological expertise and resources for welding

Lehtosen Konepaja is again investing in the productivity of welding technology and is determined to invest in its machine base.
In heavy machinery manufacturing, highly automated solutions and welding robots increase the technological expertise required for demanding customer work.
For example, machine frame manufacturing typically consists of parts manufacturing, welding, heat treatment, machining and surface treatment.
In particular, our welding and surface treatment departments are top-notch and the main objective is still to increase the welding power and productivity. Our new acquisition is a submerged arc welding tower ESAB CaB 460 M, 7×5 M.

Submerged arc welding tower ESAB CaB 460 M, 7×5 M

The submerged arc welding tower ESAB CaB 460 M, 7×5 M multiplies production power, speeds up welding and improves the lead time of production. The submerged arc welding tower increases productivity, e.g. compared to automatic welding even five times, not to mention manual welding. Robot welding provides uniform and good quality quickly and cost-effectively. Especially for thicker materials, productivity. Submerged arc welding also has a significant safety and environmental aspect, as it does not emit heat, light or welding fumes.

Benefits of submerged arc welding:
• Speed and cost-effectiveness
• Suitable for large material thicknesses
• Suitable for handling large pieces
• Ensures consistent and good quality
• Best welding process for the working environment
• Relieves the employee from manual, physical welding