See you at PulPaper Fair at stand 6p2

LEKO Group participates in PulPaper2022, Helsinki 7.-9.6.2022. In particular, the theme at the trade fair is our own product manufacturing, i.e. Siirtoruuvi Oy’s conveyors and LEKO Fans Oy’s industrial fans. At the department, you also have the opportunity to discuss the needs of the heavy and medium heavy metal industry with Lehtosen Konepaja and TK-Vilmet experts.

Siirtoruuvi products include conveyor process solutions, standard and customized screw conveyors,
complete conveyor screw pumps, conveyor screws, vertical screws, dilution screws, coils, screw bases and tearing screws.

LEKO Fans is an expert in industrial fan services that manufactures centrifugal fans for various industrial sectors. Our experts help customers ensure that their processes work by also providing fan condition monitoring and maintenance.

The companies of the manufacturing metal industry of the LEKO Group are TK-Vilmet and Lehtosen Konepaja.
TK-Vilmet is a subcontracting machine shop that manufactures machine and equipment structures and components according to customer needs as ready-to-install products or assemblies.
Lehtosen Konepaja is a system supplier, producing the customer’s individual products as ready-to-use product and machine.
The areas of production include system deliveries, manufacture of machine bodies and demanding machinable parts.

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