Exceptionally large screw conveyor for a pulp mill

This screw conveyor, delivered to a foreign customer at a pulp mill, was exceptionally large indiameter, with a total weight of 9,300 kg. The shaft tube was lined with a Duplex plate, and the threads were also made of 12 mm Duplex. To ensure safe transport, a separate metal carrier platform was made for the screw. Typically, the manufacturing process starts from a customer baseline image, which Siirtoruuvi uses to design and manufacture a product that is appropriately dimensioned and suitable for the customer. The lead time is always determined on a case-by-case basis, but averages about 4 months including manufacturing and delivery.

Siirtoruuvi also supplies the pulp and paper industry with shredder screws, screw conveyors for horizontal and vertical transferring of materials, for dilution, separation, washing, dispensing, and special/composite screw conveyors for a variety of customer process needs. In the pulp and paper industry, screw conveyors are required for various process steps such as industrial wastewater treatment, pulp production, transport and drying. The application also includes the manufacture of starch and by-products, treatment of wood pulp and wood chips, as well as handling of recycled materials.

LekoGroup at the PulPaper fairs

We will participate in the PulPaper fair at Messukeskus Helsinki on 29-31.5.2018. Our department is 6k70.

The event is a global meeting place where you can extensively explore the latest technology and visions of the forest industry. The event includes the following fields of the forest industry: packaging industry, energy industry and chemical industry. The mechanical wood processing event Wood, the packaging industry event PacTec Helsinki, and the new Bioenergy event will also take place at the same time.

The event theme – Visit tomorrow today – gazes strictly into the future. The PulPaper conference program will cover circular economy, 3D printing, biobased economy, climate change, digitalization and the potential of industrial internet, among other things. As a counterweight for all the envisioning, practical examples from companies bring concrete grasp.

TK-Vilmet is developing their online services

TK-Vilmet, which recently joined Leko Group, has updated their website. On the new website you can now quickly find contact details, information about our machine assortment, production and references.


TK-Vilmet is a subcontracting machine shop located in Mänttä-Vilppula. TK-Vilmet produces machine and device structures and components according to customers’ needs as either installation-ready products or entireties. Our services also include demanding cast machining (steel temper hardening and iron casting). Our products include the production of different kinds of frame parts, steel frames, gearboxes, sections and sockets as subcontractions.

Learn more about TK-Vilmet

The sunniest Machinery Workshop Finland

By producing your own photovoltaic energy, we gain one hundred days more sunshine, and at the same time we build a cleaner future. We actively support the Finnish Energy and Climate Strategy and are committed to attain the targets adopted in the EU by the year 2030. Renewable energy source

The annual amount of solar photovoltaic radiation on the optimally directed and tilted surface is likely to exceed 825 kWh / m2 in the Kokemäki area (Photovoltaic Geographical Information System (PVGIS) – Joint Research Center). In a decent environment, our solar energy investment amounts to about 3-8% of return. Electricity produced by solar panels plays a significant role in the energy saving targets of Lehtosen Konepaja. 112 new solar panels were installed on the roof of the new hall for sheet metal handling and welding. The system is dimensioned so that the machinery workshop can use the generated electricity itself. For investment to be made, for example, The investment is profitable among other things because purchased electricity will be replaced by our own production during the summer season, when the building mainly consumes electricity for air conditioning and cooling the production facilities.

95 years of machining – Lehtosen Konepaja celebrates its anniversary

This year marks a special anniversary for Lehtosen Konepaja as it is 95 years since Arvo Lehtonen started his small machine shop in the town of Merikarvia. Over the decades, the small machine shop has grown to become a successful subcontract engineering business.

Lehtosen Konepaja builds on its long-standing history, and while the business has expanded, evolved and diversified, it still today operates under the same mission: to provide high-quality machining services in a purposeful, customer-driven manner. This principle has carried the company to where it is now, and will continue to drive our success going forward.

For us, other pillars of success include sustained development, stability and motivated people. The combination of highly skilled staff, fair management and cutting-edge machinery allows us to operate efficiently and flexibly, to the benefit of our customers.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the employees, customers and partners who have been part of this journey. We would also like to extend thanks to Merikarvia and Kokemäki, the two towns where we are based in. Let’s make sure the success story continues for many years to come!

Come and meet us at the Subcontracting Trade Fair, department A1354

We respond to the needs of heavy industry by investing in our production process, production facilities and, among other things, state-of-the-art welding technology.

This is how we strengthen our competitiveness without compromising quality and safety. At the Subcontracting fair, we will tell more about our capacity, the machine base and our experience, as well as the Lehtonen corporation LEKO Group, which includes Lehtosen Konepaja, planning office Lehtonen Engineering, and Siirtoruuvi specializing in the design and manufacture of screw conveyors, conveyor screws and screw pumps

Pemamek to supply PEMA robotized welding stations to Lehtosen Konepaja Oy and Siirtoruuvi Oy


Lehtosen Konepaja is expanding production and the company’s new plate welding hall is under construction. The new hall’s lifting height will be 10.2 metres. The lifting capacity is provided by 2x10t and 2x30t overhead cranes, as well as several swing jib cranes, making the total lifting capacity 100 tonnes.

In addition, the hall will be equipped with a PEMA robotized welding station, with Siirtoruuvi Oy about to receive a similar welding station to enhance its production. PEMA’s innovative parametric re-programming feature enables the robot to be re-programmed rapidly and one-off products to be manufactured more easily.

Pemamek’s welding automation solutions significantly increase Lehtonen Group’s competitiveness. The rapid programming of robotic stations improves the manufacturing capacity of one-off products, reduce the need for manual welding and increase occupational safety and ergonomics.

Siirtoruuvi Oy will receive a similar welding robot from Pemamek. The companies will take the delivery of their welding stations in summer 2017 and they will be commissioned in autumn 2017.

You can learn more about Pemamek here

Lehtosen Konepaja´s new machinery: ALIKO SP7000-630 press-brake

Lehtosen Konepaja has increased their machinery capacity by purchasing a press-brake from the Finnish manufacturer Aliko Oy. Aliko Oy Ltd’s advanced comprehensive solutions for the machining of heavy materials offer added value to our customers. ALIKO press-brakes are made in Finland to suit the customer’s needs and requirements. The installation of the new machine is currently underway.

The specs of Lehtosen Konepaja’s new press-brake:
– Bending length 7,000 mm
– Bending force 630 tons
– Cybelec CNC control
– Lazersafe safety equipment
– High local content
– CNC crowning equipment


About Aliko

Aliko Oy Ltd has been manufacturing CNC-controlled sheet metal machinery for the mechanical engineering industry since 1978. Our company boasts over a 1,300 machine deliveries to Finland and overseas.

Innovative product development, design and flexibility have always been ALIKO’s strengths. Our Finnish-made machinery showcase cutting edge technology and quality, and many of our earlier machines are still in active production use today.

Today we focus even more on our core skills: the product development, design and life-time maintenance services of large press-brakes. Aliko Oy Ltd wants to ensure its product range and expertise continue to meet the changing needs of the sheet metal working industry even better than before.

We specialize in press-brakes with a bending length of over 4,200 mm and a bending force of over 320 tons.